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Social Forestry Board Members at Wayne State University Farmer's Market. More fall 2018 updates.

More Fall 2018 Updates.

Hello Everybody!  

More Fall Updates abound!  It’s still the Social Forestry News, just living at a new home.  I hope you enjoy it and read along. Here we go…

The Social Forestry Project had a most excellent adventure on Wednesday, October 3 at the Wayne State University Farmers Market.  We engaged over 50 tree-friendly people. The trees we are raising to eventually be planted received a warm welcome. Eight of them received names.  One of them is very eager to tell all of you her story. So, without further adieu, I present one of our first named trees:

Hello Everybody, My name is Jalynka (pronounced *yalenka*).

I am a 17 inch tall, healthy, White Pine that was rescued from a tree giveaway in Centerline Michigan  on Saturday, May 19th 2018. I don’t remember where I was born.

I currently live with my Foster Forester John Kost in Saint Clair Shores. He takes good care of me. I am approximately 2 years old, still a newborn in people terms, from what I’m told. In Tree speak, I’m a newborn.  I’m gonna live over 150 years if I’m cared for right.   

We had such a tree-mendous adventure at the Wayne State University Farmers Market. It was my first road trip. It was scary fun (it was so hot on the way back home), but worth it because I was gifted a name.

I was named by a very kind woman who loves pine trees. Did you know that my name means Pine in Ukrainian? It does!  How awesome is that? Oh, and I’m also Michigan’s state tree.

I am so proud of that, cause I live here now, thanks to The Social Forestry Project.

It’s nice to meet you all.  

I want to tell you all about the life of a tree.

Let me introduce the rest of our trees that were gifted a name.  First, the oaks; Ameera and Adam Pruett. Next, the pines: Groot, Lil’ P. Lil’ Willie, Peapod, and Albert.  You will be hearing more about them in the future.

And for those that were wondering, there were 164 acorns in the CamelBak water bottle we gave away.  We had two winners. A guess of 152 acorns won the CamelBak and a guess of 150 won an annual pass to the Tree Canopy Walk at Whiting Forest, which is part of the Dow Gardens in Midland Michigan.

Upcoming Tree Planting

In other news, there is a tree planting happening this fall.  ReLeaf Michigan is having a 60-tree planting on Friday, November 2 at Forest Park in Detroit.  The start time is 8:45 am. There is more information available here. They are looking for Social Foresters to assist with technical experience and general volunteers as well.

It’s A Forestry Party

And finally, SFP is planning our end of the year celebration for the beginning of December.  We want to go out and play Foot-Pool in Hamtramck. Stay tuned here for more details. If those few details arouse your interest drop us a line and let us know at

Until next time, stay leafy, and be excellent to each other.


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